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I once had a great website


The year was 2014


I just got my first 3d printer, loads of time and an idea


Create a 3d printing business.


That business started small


I got a couple of jobs, little things like pram levers


I wanted to grow more


I needed to make it official

Create a Biz List

Name + Logo


Created + spam friends


more on the website later.

Business was great


no ads


my site was ranking #1 for “3dprintingdarwin”


my Facebook page was being found using my posts and #tags


the business grew to the point where I was hiring freelance help


I constantly recieved spam emails “Dear sir/madam do you want better site?”

do you get these?

I love checking out their websites

I can help you stop the site spam!


four years go by and my day job is taking more time


A promotion comes, I cant juggle both


my side biz get put on ice


Facebook page delisted (I reactivated it for you)
Google listings closed
“Taking a Break” goes up on the site
Referral listings removed
Auto-reply on emails

No time to learn websites?

Get website support and help now.

Time passed


I went to check on my site


It was gone…  www  and all


I didn’t even own the address.

Hours of searching, I find my error.


During my break, I thought to myself


I won’t pay that fee


save some money


no one else would want the website name/URL


Turns out


There is a market for exactly what I had just let expire


Auction for expired domains that have some ranking with google


Have you ever gone to a site and it’s an ad billboard?

They buy expired addresses like a farmer uses a car with no roof


Aquire, fuel and run until it doesnt.


In the case of a website, they use the positive google ranking


farm ad clicks or sends some of that + ranking to another site


Similar to the cool kid at school telling the school that you’re cool


Your street cred instantly goes up (one form of SEO)


Fast forward three years


Many more mistakes 🙁


They dump my domain


I own my old domain name again!!!!


But I would still need to build it from scratch




Another error/ mistake


take notes, dont make these mistakes

Make sure that your domains are set to auto-renew.

Link the auto-renew to PayPal, Credit cards expire.

Your expired card will be updated in PayPal the next time you order uber eats.

Don’t use your business email to receive your domain notifications, they send spam, you’ll mark it as such and miss that one important expiring domain notice.

Setup your inbox to forward emails with titles like “final notice” & “due to expire”

Site backups are king.

Making loads of changes? Setup daily backups.

Save your backups to your google cloud drive & save $$$$

Save all of your logos, symbols, web assets and pictures on a cloud drive.

This creates a final fail-safe, if all else is lost, you still have the bricks to rebuild.

Scared to make changes?


Learn from my mistakes


protect your asset


make sure you activate two-factor authentication (code text to your phone)


starting again isn’t fun, even if your not using it.


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My goal?


Help those with time to learn 


Protect people with no time from overseas scammers.


Stop you from giving $$ to a web developer that only wants to make new sites, not maintain or update them


It’s like paying a building developer who builds 30+ houses to repair something in your house


they can do it, but their business isn’t designed for short sharp jobs


the result? you pay way more $$

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